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> Comfy Seat is soft, warm and cushiony. Even in -40��F.

> Comfy Seat is resistant to water and is easy to clean.

> The installation of Comfy Seat is easy and requires no tools.

> Comfy Seat is very durable and has a semi-infinite life.

> Comfy Seat has an elegant design and comes in 12 designer colors to match any bathroom.

> Comfy Seat fits onto any standard toilet seat.

> Comfy Seat is made from NO harmful materials.

> No direct toilet seat contact. This means no more cold surprises while sitting.

Give it a try. Comfy Seat comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and Return Policy for any of you who are hesitant. This is because we feel that after sitting on our Comfy Seat once you won't want to sit on anything else. We really hope you'll give Comfy Seat a try and if you enjoy Comfy Seat please drop us a line and let us know at testimony@ComfySeat.com. Thank you.

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